This agreement applies as between you, the User of this Website and SCE GmbH, the owner of this Website. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you should stop using the Website immediately.

1. Operator and subject matter

The SCE GmbH works to design, implement and run an open online course “European Training Programme in Entrepreneurship for Educators”. The subject matter of these terms of use is the operation of the entreTime virtual learning platform, which enables the provision of Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Participants also have the ability to network and exchange with other participants on the platform (Community area) and to discuss various topics/course units (Discussion). The platform provider, LearnWorlds, was chosen to both set up the virtual online school and to administer a Massive Open Online Course. 

2. Users, voluntary agreement

After the pilot phase the course will be open to all interested persons. Participation is voluntary. During the pilot phase registration is possible by invitation only.

 Users register for this on the entreTime learning platform (platform provider: LearnWorlds) with mandatory information (user name, mail address, password). In their profile users can upload a profile picture and add to it with further information, such as professional experience or social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). This is all on a voluntary basis. By providing social links the respective user agrees that other course participants may contact them via these links and that they can network with one another.
With the registration the user is granted a simple, non-transferable right of use for this learning platform.

The users shall be obliged to act with respect at all times, and to handle the rights of other users and third parties diligently when engaging with other users. The user can be excluded if such obligations are violated. This learning platform is exclusively for the purposes of entreTime. Any other use of the platform, for other private and/or commercial purposes, for example, shall be prohibited.

3. User content

The learning platform enables the user to perform tasks and share contributions with SCE and other users. The respective user shall retain all intellectual property rights to the use content and shall be responsible for the use content that they release. To the extent that the user provides content, they shall grant SCE a fully transferable, license-free, unlimited, sublicensable, non-exclusive and worldwide license to copy, distribute, change, publish, display/advertise and create derived works on its basis or any other use of the user content. SCE shall have the right to remove or change user content for whatever reason, e.g. with suspicion that the content infringes on these terms of use.

4. Content of third parties

Via the MOOC users can access the content of courses, other users and/or third parties and links to websites and services of third parties and/or use these. The SCE cannot guarantee that such content of third parties is free of material that other users could find offensive or otherwise inappropriate, and of malware or other harmful programmes, which could damage computers, mobile devices or data of users stored on these devices. The SCE accept neither responsibility nor liability in relation to the access of a user to or the use of such third party content.

5. Prohibition of use, exclusion from use

MOOC users shall be obliged to observe all relevant copyright laws. Only content and statements that do not infringe on the rights of others (especially copyright and neighbouring rights) may be published in the MOOC.

MOOC users shall be responsible for their activities within the entire platform. The personal password for activating and using the user account must always be kept secret from third parties. Should users have reason to believe that third parties have knowledge of their password, they shall be obliged to change it immediately.

User activities that are aimed at impeding the functionality of the platform or making the portal non-functional are forbidden and can be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. Measures in particular that could impact on the physical and logical structure of the platform are also forbidden. Users may not use the MOOC for commercial purposes. Advertising, among other activities, by sending content which recipients have not requested (spamming), is also forbidden.

All users shall be obliged not to violate any legal regulations with their content and activities (applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany). The platform may not be used for illegal purposes. 

Also forbidden shall be the publication, communication or distribution of content/statements that are illegal, especially with offensive, violence-glorifying, discriminatory or pornographic content or with other such content that would transgress standards of public decency. This shall also include content that is reached via the links set by the users. The use of offensive content, ambiguous terms and other such representations shall also be prohibited, should their illegality is suspected, but cannot be conclusively determined. The SCE reserves the right to remove such content or references where such suspicion exists, without prior notice or explanation. Should there be a violation of the terms of use, the user shall be temporarily or permanently excluded from all use. An entitlement to readmission is not a given. Among others, a requirement for readmission shall be a written application with an assurance that there will be no such abusive behaviour in the future.

6. Copyright law

All material placed on the learning platform is protected by copyright, if not otherwise explicitly stated. This means content that is intended for personal use as part of the performance of the MOOC may not be passed on to third parties without the creator’s written consent and may be neither reproduced nor changed. This shall also apply to material that is created by the user alone or with others during the course. Regardless of the copyright protection all users shall agree that personally created material may be used for course purposes.

7. Security

The SCE shall endeavour together with LearnWorlds to ensure the security of the platform's users. Despite their commitment to protect the security of user accounts and the information pertinent to them, neither SCE nor LearnWorlds can guarantee that unauthorised third parties may be able to thwart the security measures taken. The SCE would therefore ask all users to immediately inform about each and every threat to security or unauthorised use of an account.

8. Liability, liability exclusion, restriction and exemptionLinks to this Website

The MOOC has been put together with the greatest possible care on LearnWorld’s platform. The operator does not accept any liability for the correctness, accuracy or error-free status of the information provided. Nor does the operator accept any liability for the content published by users. All liability for damages caused directly or indirectly by the use of the sites shall also be excluded.

Nor is the operator responsible for the content of websites referred to by links and they do not provide any guarantee or accept any liability for the appropriateness and legality of these sites.

The user shall indemnify the operator from all claims by third parties, made against SCE as a result of a violation of the aforementioned duties and/or harmful activities of users. HM and SCE exclude any liability within the scope of the applicable laws and regulations.

9. Terminating the account

Users can have their account deleted at any time without having to provide a reason. The user’s data can no longer be retrieved after the account is deactivated.

10. Changes to terms of use

The SCE reserves the right to revise the terms of use at any time and at their own discretion. Any revision of the terms shall become effective immediately after publication. With significant changes to the terms The SCE shall take appropriate steps to inform the users about such changes. In any event the further use of the services after publication of such changes, whether with or without prior notice, shall constitute a binding acceptance of the revised terms.

11. Statement on data protection and terms of use

Each and every user agrees:

I am familiar with the data protection declaration and terms of use and I herewith accept them.

I am aware that required personal data is processed with use of the learning platform.

I agree to the processing of the data I have provided and the contributions published by me, as well as to the use of files I have provided within the scope of the entreTime online course. I am aware that this consent can be revoked at any time. This is, however, only possible with the full deletion of the account. 
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